Friday, September 13, 2013

10+ Beautiful WordPress Slideshow Gallery

Are you good at web design? Do you have your own WordPress web site? Apparently, WordPress Web site is really convenient tool to build a web site with adding plugin and other settings. Then today we collect 10 + beautiful WordPress SlideShow Gallery for references in order to make the Wordpress web design more novelty and full of energy.

With embedding WordPress SlideShow Gallery, for one thing, it will strength the sense of beauty of web design with the great looking; on the other hand, SlideShow Gallery can show your content in a more innovative way and drive more visitors’ attention. 

Hi Slider free WordPress Slideshow Gallery -- (Download/Demo)
It is totally free for personal use. Hi Slider Free WordPress SlideShow Gallery can integrate images and video into slideshow and view it on any browsers and mobile devices clearly. Check out more outstanding features of Hi Slider Free WordPress SlideShow Gallery. 

  • Totally Responsive Slider Maker  
  • User-friendly interface  
  • Available as jQuery and WordPress plugin  
  • Easy Setup with shortcodes 
  • WYSIWIG blocks editor 
  • Smooth various transition effects
  • Gorgeous and eye-catching templates and skins
  • Fully Customizable button options
  • Integrate images and videos perfectly
  • Useful Navigator and powerful caption  
  • No Coding, Image Editing and Programming Skills require
    NextGen Gallery Plugin
    NextGen Gallery Plugin is a wonderful slider maker to upload and manage images gallery as a plugin. It is free for users to adjust size, layout and so on. 

    Slider Gallery Shortcode
    With Slider Gallery Shortcode, the plugin for WordPress can be created in minutes. Then you are able to set the size of images, adjust transition speed and so on.

    LightView Plus
    It is a free slider maker to create slideshow gallery plugin for Wordpress. Additionally, it is easy to use and make the images presentable.

    Full Background Slider
    This is a wonderful plugin that allows users to insert full background images slider to WordPress website with defined buttons such as sliding effect and so on. 

    PhotoShow for WordPress
    PhotoShow is a nice plugin for WordPress to be added to a WordPress Photo Gallery with ease. Anyway, it is a powerful plugin to install easily and use conveniently.

    PhotoSmash Gallery
    PhotoSmash Gallery provides an easy way to create photo gallery and embed in post or page in minutes. All in all, it is a useful slider maker. 

    Lazyest Gallery
    Lazyest Gallery is an images gallery with automatic thumb, slider creation and guide navigator and so on.

    Lightbox Evolution for WordPress
    It is a free plugin to display images, content and videos with a wonderful lightbox style. It can help you gain extra points for your WordPress web design.

    Horizontal Slider
    Horizontal Slider is a free slider maker to create images slideshow gallery for WordPress as well. It supports shortcode so that it can be inserted wherever you want.
    Those are the free and premium slideshow gallery sliders for WordPress we shared today. If you use them wisely, it will be an effective and useful solution. For my personal use, the Hi Slider WordPress Slidershow Gallery is the most convenient slider maker to create plugin for my WordPress web design. 

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